Before reaching the consumer, each additive, undergoes a series of control tests for compliance of technical requirements and standards. This procedure allows for careful examination of the effect of the specific fuel, and also confirmation of the high quality characteristics of the additive. All tests of Difron® additives are carried out in the most famous and respected institutions, with accredited laboratories. Among them, the All-Russian Research Institute of oil refining, the 25th State Research Institute Chemmotology of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Science and Technology Foundation "Certification Center CONTSTAND" and others.



Diesel fuel test (type E)

Diesel fuel (type E, winter) is recommended for use at ambient temperatures up to minus 15 ° C (cold filter plugging point).

Test results:

cloud point -6° C;
cold filter plugging point -15° C;
pour point -20° C.

Test of Difron 3319 additive

Difron 3319 is a depressant-dispersant additive for diesel fuel. It effectively reduces cold filter plugging point, preventing agglomeration and sedimentation of paraffins.
Test results:
сloud point -10° C;
cold filter plugging point -30° C;
pour point -33° C.